Synthesis of form and life.

Understanding how people live and what brings joy to their homes is a key to successful space adaptation.

How can a smart layout improve the quality of life?

Can a home designed for an individual with a specific way of life, even if it only means readapting the generic layout, have a great impact on person's life?

Impressions from Milan. Fondazione Prada

Can you be a year old and setting trends as suavely as if you have been doing it for decades? Well, take a walk through the Fondazione Prada-art-venue in Milan, a former distillery turned gravitational center of must-go-vanue when it comes to art. An afternoon there will easily convince you.

Impressions from Milan. Atelier Relief

After wondering around the design delights, when most showrooms close their doors, a few open and invite the wonderers to see their exhibits, along the aperitivo. The famous Milan aperitivo is time when guests are offered sparkly drinks along with the tasteful local bites.

Impressions from Milan. Nendo

Last week, the Archicubator team was gathering inspiration in Milan, the city which in the past few days had witnessed not only the awakening of spring, but also the blossoming of numerous new designs.

Welcome to Archicubator

And there it goes... We have finally lunged this Articubator's sub-page, where we will wonder above and beyond and share inspiration from a good practice, our impressions, our thoughts and the delights we come across...