Welcome to Archicubator

And there it goes... We have finally lunged this Articubator's sub-page, where we will wonder above and beyond and share inspiration from a good practice, our impressions, our thoughts and the delights we come across...

Let us firstly introduce ourselves and our service more in detail;

What is Archicubator and how does it work?


It’s a simple process transforming wishes into great ideas!
The process can not be easier. Through the website you submit a measured drawing of your property and complete a questionnaire which forms the brief. Depending on the size of the property, you fall in one of three price brackets that can only be described as inexpensive. Once submitted the Archicubator team picks up the task, look for the most suitable solution and send out a final pdf drawing within 10 working days.

What makes Archicubator different?

Following digital trends, Archicubator answers to the 21st century consumer by offering a basic architectural service online. The age when we rent a movie, when we order our weekly groceries, book a live yoga course online, when we trust Siri or similar virtual assistants to wake us on time, take our notes and even write our emails, online services are becoming easier to engaged with from the contort of our home.
Archicubator brings an architectural and interior design closer to everyone who either doesn’t have time or money, those who don’t feel the urge or are simply not yet prepared to start the whole design process and find a professional to help them. 

Keeping it simple. Why choose Archicubator?

Efortless - Fast - Affordable
No need to take the time to write a brief
...you will be guided through the questionnaire

No energy is consumed with trying to find the professional studio
...the service is right there online and we are happy to help and share our knowledge

No need to think about the budget.
...there are three fixed price brackets

There is no organized site visits needed for this basic feasible solution
...based on our experience we can solve your queries by the plan you submit and answers you give us

… We help you visualise the potential of your property


In the end …

We hope that Archicubator will be your virtual place to learn about best practices and trends in architectural and interior design, and much more. That’s the inspiration behind Archicubator.
We look forward to all the response.

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