Impressions from Milan. Nendo

Last week, the Archicubator team was gathering inspiration in Milan, the city which in the past few days had witnessed not only the awakening of spring, but also the blossoming of numerous new designs.

Slaloming around the novelties, here and there something sparkles and this attractive, dynamic and fresh design excites your interest, that is why we made all the journey in the first place.

One such sparkle that I would like to share with you is the exhibition of chairs by the Japanese design studio Nendo. The designer has paraphrased a simple chair and arranged 50 abstract variations across an orthogonal grid in a poetic atrium of the San Simpliciano monastery. Seeing this awakened a nostalgic memory, taking me back to my university years, when we had to paraphrase the famous Tonet bistro chair during our Freehand Drawing class.

Nevertheless, the picturesque historical scenery of the monastery undoubtedly contributed to overwhelm visitor's visual senses and to the success of the exhibition. A truly beautiful, poetic, pure and simple scene. An Italian Japanese one. 

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