Impressions from Milan. Atelier Relief

After wondering around the design delights, when most showrooms close their doors, a few open and invite the wonderers to see their exhibits, along the aperitivo. The famous Milan aperitivo is time when guests are offered sparkly drinks along with the tasteful local bites.

We have been welcomed to a peaceful oasis, only few steps from bustle of a San Babila square, where a famous Italian shoe story teller/seller Sutor Mantellassi, has co-hosted the event with an inspiring Belgian artist from Atelier Relief. The artist has made a grand sculpture ‘Monolith’ of an manufacturing process of a shoe in an abstract manner, so an architect can not help but reinterpret the sculpture to a model of an overwhelming futuristic architectural masterpiece

A warm evening atmosphere has moved the audience from the luxurious interiors to a picturesque veranda of the 18th. century villa, Palazzo Mascagni . Great venue, impressing mix of people, ideas, tastes and a drink. 

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