How can a smart layout improve the quality of life?

Can a home designed for an individual with a specific way of life, even if it only means readapting the generic layout, have a great impact on person's life?

Can a space provide something more than mere shelter?

Thinking about a home unit, its spaces and how they relate to each other, embracing its constraints, considering the clients’ requirements, solving every nook, and finding the answers to a challenging request, is my biggest enjoyment.

I am all too aware of how greatly a well-thought-through layout can change a specific spatial situation and while not attempting to claim that positioning the bedroom in the optimal location –with access to natural daylight and ventilation while sheltered from disturbing noise sources – generates additional sleeping hours, or that a comfortably sized kitchen makes in itself the occupant’s diet any healthier, they do certainly provide a better environment for sleeping and cooking to take place.

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