Purchase Policy

Purchase Policy




The Webiste is operated by ARCHICUBATOR, arhitekturno svetovanje, d.o.o., a company organized under the laws of Slovenia, with a registered address at Slomškova ulica 35, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, with Tax ID 37675893 and registration number 6928773000.


Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and these Purchase Policy govern the business relationship between You and Us.


"Archicubator or We/Us" means ARCHICUBATOR, arhitekturno svetovanje, d.o.o., a company organized under the laws of Slovenia, with a registered address at Slomškova ulica 35, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia;

“Plan” means the result of our architectural services produced in accordance with your preferences;

Online Store or Store” means the store where you can order Plan, located on the Website;

"Website" means the website located at www.archicubator.com or any other URL which may replace it;

"You" means a buyer of our architectural services;

"Agreement" The Agreement shall consist of these Purchase Policy, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The agreement shall be deemed concluded when You place an Order to purchase the Product/s in accordance with these Purchase Policy and receive the acceptance of your Order by Us. By entering into this Agreement, You accept to be bound by Terms and Conditions, this Purchase policy and the Privacy Policy;

Order” or “Placing an Order” means the offer you place via our Store for the purchase of Our Products, which shall be binding for Us upon our Acceptance of your Order;

Confirmation of receipt of your Order” means confirmation of receipt of your Order, which shall be sent to You by e-mail promptly upon placing an Order. Confirmation of receipt of your Order shall include a list of purchased Products, basic information from Product Description and purchase price;

“Acceptance of your Order” means acceptance of your Order, which will be sent to You by e-mail after or together with the Confirmation of receipt of your Order. By receiving the Acceptance of your Order you have successfully placed your Order and the Agreement between You and Us is deemed concluded.

"Personal Information" means the details provided by You as well any information regarding behavior on the Website, information on placed Orders and sales and any other information submitted by You to Us.




Prices and related costs

All prices in the Online Store are in EUR. The prices for services include all taxes. Archicubator d.o.o. is not entity registered for VAT.

Please note that bank wire transfers may require additional bank transfer fees, which cannot be estimated at the time of making a purchase. It is Your own responsibility to pay such costs in accordance with the agreement that You have with Your bank.




Making a purchase

You must be 18 years of age or older to make a purchase and to Place an order. It is a simple process to make a purchase. The technical steps required for concluding the purchase are as follows.

On the upper right side of the Page, click on the "Order". Web page will take you to the part where you have to choose the size of your space. You choose the size of your space by clicking on the accurate size. The Website will open where you need to upload a floor plan of the area, for which you need our services. Floor plan can be uploaded in two ways. The first way is to click on the place where it is written "Add or drop a file in the dropzone area". The explorer window will pop up where you can choose the file located on Your computer, and click on the Select/Choose button. Another way is to simply attach the file in a way "drag and drop" to the place where it says "Add or drop a file in the dropzone area". When you see the name of the files are displayed in the middle gray rectangular area, simply click on the "continue" on the right side below the gray area. If you changed your mind and do not want to upload the file, click “back” on the left side below the gray area.  After uploading the floor plan, you have to answer to a questionnaire of eleven questions, so we can prepare a Plan according to your wishes. You answer to the question by clicking the small box on the left side of the question. When the check mark appears in the box you can proceed to the next question by clicking on the "Continue" button right below the gray rectangular area. If no answer suits your preferences, you can click on the "other" and type your answer into the gray area. After answering all the questions and clicking on "Continue" a form will open, where you need to enter your Personal data. Some of the information is necessary to be entered (salutation, first name, last name, email, phone, street, postcode, city, country) and some information is optional to enter (company name, VAT ID).

Under the area where you enter your information you can choose your preferred payment option If you select the option Credit card payment you will be redirected to six payments website where you follow their rules for payments through their system. Before Placing an Order, check that you have read this Purchase policy.

When you select a payment method, click on the words "place an order". When you place an order it will be dealt with in accordance with Order acceptance policy as described below.


We take no responsibility for dimensions obtained by scaling from the floor plan that You uploaded. If no dimension is shown, We would have to ascertain the dimension specifically from the architect or by site measurement and may not rely on the drawing. Supply of the drawing in digital form is solely for convenience and no reliance may be placed on any data in digital form. All data must be checked and aligned with a hard copy. Our Plan is issued for design purposes only and should not be used for construction unless so specifically stated.


Order Acceptance Policy

Our Websites constitutes an invitation to place offers for purchase of Our Services. By Placing Your Order and paying the purchase price and related costs, You make an offer to Us to buy Our Services. Confirmation of receipt of Your Order shall be sent to You by e-mail promptly upon making an Order. Confirmation of receipt of Your Order does NOT mean that Your order is accepted, but merely that You successfully placed Your Order and that we need to review it. In case of a change of price, Services Description or lack of information, We will always contact You first to ensure that the changes are acceptable for You. We may also require additional verifications or information before accepting any Order.


After or together with the Confirmation of receipt of Your Order, We will send You an Acceptance of Your Order. Acceptance of Your Order constitutes binding Agreement. By receiving the Acceptance of Your Order You have successfully placed Your Order and the Agreement between You and Us is deemed concluded. In accordance with Slovenian legislation, after accepting an order, cancellation from your side is not possible.


Non-confirmation of Your Order

You will be informed about non-acceptance of your Order to Your contact e-mail.

Non-acceptance of Your Order may be a result of one of the following:

- The Services You ordered are being impossible to realize.

- Our inability to obtain authorization for Your payment.

- Choosing the wrong price range of our Services.

- You not meeting the eligibility criteria set out in these Purchase Policy.

- You not providing additional verifications or information.


In case of non-acceptance of Your Order, Your payment (if any) shall be refunded within the shortest possible timeframe, but no later than within fourteen (14) days following notice of non-acceptance.

We strive to achieve the best possible user experience. We however cannot guarantee that Your Order will be received and/or accepted. We are not in any way liable to You in such event.


Estimated delivery time

After accepting your order, the Plan will usually be provided in the 10 days after Your Order is accepted. However, in rare cases handling time can be up for few days. We reserve the right to add a few additional days to the delivery. In case estimated delivery time will be extended, you will be informed in writing.


Intellectual property rights

We grant you an exclusive, personal, perpetual, worldwide, revocable, non-transferable license to use the Plan from the time of delivery. You are not allowed to disclose, copy and distribute the Plan to any person that is not involved in the process of redesigning or refurnishing without prior written approval from Us.



You can receive general information by sending an e-mail to info@archicubator.com Any information, claims, complaints, requests and notices can be sent by e-mail on info@archicubator.com or Archicubator d.o.o., Slomškova ulica 35, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. We will endeavor to reply within eight (8) days after receipt of your notice.



This Agreement is concluded in English language. By Placing an order you agree that you understand and concur with the Purchase policy, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. All legal documents from our side shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Slovenia.



Issued in Ljubljana, on February 2016. 




Archicubator d.o.o.

Maša Prinčič, Director



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