Our customers

Home buyers

Each and every one of us has a specific need. We will help you discover different possibilities of optimizing your space. Our experience and vision, combined with your wishes result in a unique floor plan proposal for your home.

Home owners

Our lives are constantly changing and the way we live has a great impact on the organization of our home. Our great and talented team helps you reorganize your home and see the solution from a different angle.

Real estate market

The floor plan is the most important property marketing tool. It is the first detail that a potential buyer, leaser or investor will carefully study. We create spaces that people instinctively relate to.


Involving an Architect early in a project saves you time and money. Send us a floor plan, let us explore its potential and add value to your property.

Best value


Get the lowest price for the refurbishment of your new home that best suits your needs. We offer three packages with a fixed price.

High Quality


Our creative and technically skilled architectural team will design a custom-made floor plan understanding your wishes and combined home requirements.

Fast Delivery


We will deliver a floor plan within 10 working days. Speed is important for our customers. We ensure that no valuable time is lost.